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V 32
Alternatives/Counterfactual/Lewis: E.g. Assuming I would do something else today, then tomorrow would be a little different - but I cannot say anything about it in a clear sense.
V 63f
Counterfactual possibility/Possible worlds/Lewis: E.g. quasi-miracle (highly unlikely, but no violation of laws of nature) - ambiguity: Rear part: be a) could have been (CHB): all most similar worlds are those where it is possible. - b) would not (NWN) - some of the most similar worlds are those where it happens - then: 1) If Nixon had pressed the button, no QW would have happenend - and 2) "... there would have been a slim chance" they are true together - but 1 conflicts with NWN and 2 implies CHB.
I 42
The winner could have lost (true).
But: It could have been that the winner loses ((s) wrong).

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