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Context, context dependency: sentences, words and texts depend to a varying extent on the addition of additional information to eliminate ambiguities. In particular, the use of index words such as "here", "now", but also of pronouns like "mine" leads to indeterminacy of the reference. The additional information may possibly be taken from an already existing information set, whereby the sentences to be examined, words or texts, form a subset of this more comprehensive set. Such a more comprehensive amount of information already existing elsewhere is called context. See also dependency, ambiguity, indeterminacy, discovery.

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Newen/Schrenk I 112
Context of utterance/evaluation world/Kaplan/Newen/Schrenk: this distinction is Kaplan's new logical representation of truth conditions for indicators. (> Two-dimensional semantics). - ((s) from Stalnaker used for diagonalized propositions). - Names: here, the content is determined in relation to the context of utterance (use)). - It is then determined for each evaluation world, whether the content is true. -
Characteristics: here, on the other hand, only with respect to an evaluation world the object is set, and then the resulting content with this object in the same evaluation world is evaluated as true or false.

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D. Kaplan
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