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Constructivism, philosophy: the thesis that the objects of the external world, together with their properties and relations are constructed by the brain to other objects and their relations to us. Constructivist styles are differently strong in their assumptions about the existence and recognizability of an objective, independent reality. See also Autopoiesis, system theory, Luhmann, Maturana.
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Berka I 496
Names / variables / constants / Tarski: variables represent names - constants are names. (> Representation, > Substitute) - for each constant and each variable of the object language (except for the logical constants of the prop. calc.) we can constitute a fundamental feature that contains this sign (the statement variables enter into the fundamental functions neither as functors nor as arguments) - statement variable: any ((s) individual) of them is regarded as an independent fundamental function.

Tarsk I
A. Tarski
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