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Constructivism, philosophy: the thesis that the objects of the external world, together with their properties and relations are constructed by the brain to other objects and their relations to us. Constructivist styles are differently strong in their assumptions about the existence and recognizability of an objective, independent reality. See also Autopoiesis, system theory, Luhmann, Maturana.

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Bertrand Russell
Constructivist attitude/Constructivism/Russell/Gödel: was abandoned in the first edition, since the reducibility axiom for higher types makes it necessary that basic predicates of infinitely high type exist - of constructivism only remains
1) Classes as facon de parler
2). The definition of ~, v, etc. as valid for propositions that contain quantifiers
3) Gradual construction of functions of orders higher than 1 (superfluous of course, because of the reducibility-axiom)
4) Interpretation of definitions as mere typographical shortcuts.
GoedelVs: because of reducibility axiom: there always exist real objects in the form of basic predicates corresponding to each defined symbol.
Constructivist attitude/Constructivism/Principia Mathematica/Gödel: is taken in again in the second edition and the reducibility axiom is dropped. - It is determined that all basic predicates belong to the lowest type.

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B. Russell/A.N. Whitehead
Principia Mathematica Frankfurt 1986

B. Russell
Das ABC der Relativitätstheorie Frankfurt 1989

B. Russell
Probleme der Philosophie Frankfurt 1967

B. Russell
Die Philosophie des logischen Atomismus
Eigennamen, U. Wolf (Hg), Frankfurt 1993

B. Russell
Wahrheit und Falschheit
Wahrheitstheorien, G. Skirbekk (Hg), Frankfurt 1996

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