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Competence, philosophy, language philosophy: competence is the ability to handle specific tasks. This ability can affect the knowledge of sentences or the application of rules. It is disputed which competencies are innate for the application of rules. The antonym to language competence is language performance.
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VIII 404
Competence/Performance/Chomsky: Thesis: Performance is just the tip of the iceberg of competence.
VIII 437
SearleVsChomsky: the distinction is misled: he assumes that a theory of speech acts must be rather a theory of performance than one of competence - r does not see that competence is ultimately performance competence - ChomskyVsSpeech Act Theory: suspects behaviorism behind it. SearleVs: this is not true, because Speech Act Theory involves intention.
VIII 409/10
Chomsky: new: object of study is language skills - old: indiscriminate sets of sentences, classifications. ChomskyVsStructuralism: a theory must be able to explain which chains represent sentences and which do not.
VIII 414
SearleVsChomsky: not clear how the grammatical theory provides the knowledge of the speaker.

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