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Competence, philosophy, language philosophy: competence is the ability to handle specific tasks. This ability can affect the knowledge of sentences or the application of rules. It is disputed which competencies are innate for the application of rules. The antonym to language competence is language performance.
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I 106
Language proficiency/to mean/meaning/McGinn: those who master the meaning of the word have never seen the vast majority of the relevant objects. - That means that there is a property exemplified by the speaker by virtue of which he grasps the meaning. - A kind of general meaning that is beyond the scope of things known to him. - Meaning grants access to places where the body and the senses do not reach - the intended meaning does not behave like pain - cannot be isolated - Meaning does not spread in a medium.
I 109
It even has to be diffuse in order to go beyond the particular.
I 110
The context with reality, however, must remain.

C. McGinn
Die Grenzen vern├╝nftigen Fragens Stuttgart 1996

C. McGinn
Wie kommt der Geist in die Materie? M├╝nchen 2001

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