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Competence, philosophy, language philosophy: competence is the ability to handle specific tasks. This ability can affect the knowledge of sentences or the application of rules. It is disputed which competencies are innate for the application of rules. The antonym to language competence is language performance.

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EMD II 100
Abilities/superhuman/Dummett: our image of a super being that has direct insight into counterfactual things does not provide a picture of what these abilities actually consist of.
- - -
Dum I 154/155
Meaning/competence/Dummett: meaning does not have to be explained by understanding! (Speakers have no explicit theory). - But also: DummettVsWittgenstein: control is more than a practical skill.
III 68
Speech/control/propositional knowledge/Dummett: usually little difference between knowledge of P and knowledge of the truth of the sentence. - But propositional knowledge is not sufficient for language proficiency - propositiponal knowledge not sufficient for word understanding - knowledge of a single proposition not sufficient for understanding of words - ((s) The word must be able to appear in several contexts.) - ((s) converse to substitution principle).
III 119
Translation theory/Dummett: does not explain the command of the native language.
III 117f
Theory of meaning/Dummett: from a theory of truth (axioms like ""earth" denotates earth") - but meaning is more than knowledge of the axioms: Knowledge of the (corresponding) propositions - from knowledge of the truth theory follows the ability of language as a whole, not sentence by sentence -> Holism - Knowledge of the propositions not in list.
III 133
Meaning Theory: Knowledge of reference is not sufficient for language proficiency.

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Du I
M. Dummett
Ursprünge der analytischen Philosophie Frankfurt 1992

M. Dummett
Wahrheit Stuttgart 1982

G. Evans/J. McDowell
Truth and Meaning Oxford 1977

Ev I
G. Evans
The Varieties of Reference (Clarendon Paperbacks) Oxford 1989

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