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Counterfactual conditional: the counterfactual conditional is equivalent to unreal conditional sentences. Conditionals, in which a fact is mentioned in the antecedent, which is not expressly the case. If A were the case, B would have been the case.
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Counterfactual Conditional/Co.Co./Possible Worlds/Cresswell: If we know of a given world whetehr X and Y together are true there, we also know of any possible world whether the composite counterfactual conditional "If X, then would be Y" is true there.
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Def Counterfactual Conditional Operator/Stalnaker/Co.Co. Operator/Cresswell: a >> b is true in a possible world w iff in the next possible world in which a is true, b is also true - Lewis (1973): more sophisticated version: without the assumption that there is an unambiguously next possible world (most similar world) - most similar world: the "selection function" that picks out the next possible world is specified in all of these theories by the model - still, the canonical intensional model should represent how the physical world works and has the structure that is imposed on it by T.

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M. J. Cresswell
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M. J. Cresswell
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