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Gareth Evans
I 316
EvansVsCausal Theory (of names): the theory cannot exclude that the speaker who listened to the name Louis in the pub, will always refer to Louis XIV in the future - Kripke's causal theory involves the intention of the speaker to preserve the causal chain.
I 317
Name/EvansVsCausal Theory/EvansVsKripke: Kripke is ambivalent: if the link is useful for him, he uses it. - The criteria for "About whom does he believe something?" deviate dramatically from those of "Who is the original namegiver?" - The causal theory ignores the important context. E.g. if names are assigned according to rules, a speaker could make up names without causal connection by simply applying the rules.

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G. Evans/J. McDowell
Truth and Meaning Oxford 1977

Ev I
G. Evans
The Varieties of Reference (Clarendon Paperbacks) Oxford 1989

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