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Re III 86f
Subjunctive conditionals/counterfactual conditionals/Read: e.g. assuming the pound is devalued, but the recession still continues. Is this sufficient to confirm the claim that the recession will continue when the pound is not devalued? This should be the case according to the truth-functional representation.
But the conditional sentence suggests a closer connection between the front and rear links. But we now see that such a connection may not exist at all. Therefore, there is doubt as to whether the truth-functional representation is correct.
Re III 94
Conditional sentences are not truth-functional.
Re III 108 ff
E.g. by David Lewis:
If Bizet and Verdi were fellow country men, Bizet would be Italian
If Bizet and Verdi were felllow country men, Bizet would not be Italian.
Stalnaker: one or the other must be true.
Lewis: Both are wrong. (Because only subjunctive conditional sentences are not truth-functional). The indicative sentences would be quite acceptable in the mouths of those whose nationality is unknown. Besides, there is no most similar world here.
Re III 109
Stalnaker: his semantics installs a different assumption, namely, that there is always at least a most similar world.

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Me I Albert Menne Folgerichtig Denken Darmstadt 1988
HH II Hoyningen-Huene Formale Logik, Stuttgart 1998
Re III Stephen Read Philosophie der Logik Hamburg 1997
Sal IV Wesley C. Salmon Logik Stuttgart 1983
Sai V R.M.Sainsbury Paradoxien Stuttgart 2001

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