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Intrinsic: Intrinsic are properties which are not caused by relationships to other objects, e.g. to have a certain age. Intrinsic properties are not to be confused with essential properties, e.g. a certain age is usually not essential for an object. Extrinsic properties are, e.g. to be famous, that is to say, properties which arise from the fact that there are other objects, and these other objects have a relation to the object in question.
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Richard Rorty
VI 106
intrinsic/observer-relative/RortyVsSearle: Searle’s distinction serves no useful purpose -" Searle says: essential -" Rorty: we ask: essential what for -"?
VI 126
: Intrinsic/extrinsic: we cannot decide which description applies to the intrinsic characteristics.
VI 146 f
intrinsic/extrinsic/RortyVsSearle: one can only defend intrinsic characteristics if one can claim that knowledge of these characteristics is not identical with the knowledge on how to use the words used to describe these characteristics!

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