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II 207
Internal/External/Carnap: internal: within a frame: E.g. a unicorn is a mythical creature - external: E.g. existence of numbers or physical things.
Stroud I 183
External/Internal/Carnap/Quine/Stroud: Quine: distinction between "Categories Questions" and "Subset Questions": external: only one type variable for all things - then the question "is there such and such?" covers the whole range (Category) - internal: a variable for any kind of thing: Subset question, we come to generality by letting a kind of variable go over all things.
Stroud: nevertheless same syntax. - Carnap: therefore different languages.
I 184
Thing language: here questions of existence possible.
I 185
Practical Question/Carnap: here the solution consists in an action. ((s)> Dummett: Manifestation) - Important argument: Carnap: existential questions must be treated as practical matters - choice of question is a practical question (of convention). - Problem: CarnapVsMoore: The kind of choice cannot be answered internally - Thing language: is efficient, but does not show a reality in the world.

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Ca I
R. Carnap
Die alte und die neue Logik
Wahrheitstheorien, G. Skirbekk (Hg), Frankfurt 1996

R. Carnap
Philosophie als logische Syntax
Philosophie im 20.Jahrhundert, Bd II, A. Hügli/P.Lübcke (Hg), Reinbek 1993

R. Carnap
Mein Weg in die Philosophie Stuttgart 1992

R. Carnap
Der Logische Aufbau der Welt Hamburg 1998

R. Carnap
Sinn und Synonymität in natürlichen Sprachen
Zur Philosophie der idealen Sprache, J. Sinnreich (Hg), München 1982

Ca VIII (= PiS)
R. Carnap
Über einige Begriffe der Pragmatik
Zur Philosophie der idealen Sprache, J. Sinnreich (Hg), München 1982

Strd I
B. Stroud
The Significance of philosophical scepticism Oxford 1984

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