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Intelligence: intelligence is the ability to recognize patterns in presented information or to recognize possibilities for supplementing and transforming known patterns that go beyond repetitions.
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II 52
Intelligence/McGinn: the newer doctrine emphasizes three characteristics: plant, moldability, adaptation.
We do not learn to own arms, legs and kidneys. ((s) but we learn to develop our muscles).
Intelligence is always at or for something. The ability to achieve the organism goals.
II 57
Human/Evolution/mind/McGinn: it is a remarkable coincidence that we are the only species on earth that is able to drive science and philosophy. There could easily be a different species with a certain level of scientific talent, about the level of a ten year-old. Or a species that is superior in biology but inferior in physics etc.
The kind of intelligence that we have, is absolutely not necessary for living beings to survive.

C. McGinn
Die Grenzen vern├╝nftigen Fragens Stuttgart 1996

C. McGinn
Wie kommt der Geist in die Materie? M├╝nchen 2001

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