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Content: content is that part of a statement, what can be represented by another statement, which differs in a respect from the original statement, e.g. it uses other expressions with the same reference. That, in which the second statement deviates belongs then to the vocabulary, to the syntax or grammar, the matching can be called content.

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I 66f
Wide Content: causal relations to the world beyond the words so meanings are not in the head (Putnam pro, but not "wide content" (>Fodor).
II 26f
Fulfillment of conditions: are fixed by propositional content - there is not a desire or belief without fulfillment conditions. (i.e. no regress).
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II 80
Deception: E.g. the moon is bigger on the horizon: that is part of the content. - Solution: if we had no beliefs, we would believe the moon had changed its size.
II 87
Content/Searle: is not the same as object.
II 196
Hallucination/Deception: brains in the vat have exactly the same intentional content.
II 319
Intentional Content/Pierre Example/Searle: intentional content is sufficient, and that is different in "London is ugly" and "Londres est jolie" -Kripke: intentional content is not rigid, because descriptions are not rigid either - Names: neither equivalent to descriptions nor to intentional contents.

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