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Information, information theory: A character or a character combination contains information when it is clear to the recipient that this character or the character combination appears instead of another possible character or a possible character combination. The supply of possible characters determines to a part the probability of the occurrence of a character from this supply. In addition, the expected probability of the appearance of a character can be increased by already experienced experiences of regularities. The amount of information transmitted by a character depends on the improbability of the occurrence of the character.
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Information / Maturana: false: to say that the nervous system encoded information on the environment and represents it in the functional organization - correct: there are processes (not descriptions) tha t are encoded - they can be decoded only by the actual realization - the code is not isomorphic with a description - information applies only to the cognitive domain: it refers to the degree of uncertainty in the behavior of the observer within defined alternatives.

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U. Maturana
Biologie der Realit├Ąt Frankfurt 2000

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