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Inferences: when we move from premises to conclusions we carry out inferences.
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Brandom II 76
Material inference/Sellars/Brandom: from a east of b" to "b west of a" - also from lightening to thunder - needs no logic.
II 79
Formally valid can be derived from good material inferences, but not vice versa - Proof: given is a subset of somehow privileged vocabulary, so an inference is correct if the material is well and it cannot turn into a poor inference, if non-privileged vocabulary is replaced by non-privileged vocabulary - if one is only interested in logical form, one must be able to distinguish previously a part of the vocabulary as specifically logical - E.g. if you want to examine theological inferences, one must examine which substitution preserves the material quality of the inference when replacing non-theological vocabulary by non-theological.

Sell I
W. Sellars
Der Empirismus und die Philosophie des Geistes Paderborn 1999

Bra I
R. Brandom
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Bra II
R. Brandom
Begr√ľnden und Begreifen Frankfurt 2001

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