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Individuation, philosophy: the picking out of an object by a determination by means of additional information which is not to be derived from a single statement which contains this object. For example, beliefs are individualized by content, not e.g. by the length of the character strings with which they are expressed. The contents of a belief are, in turn, not individuated by their repetition, but by other contents.

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I 314
Individuation/Evans: Mind state: specification always needs a general term when it is directed to an object. - Nevertheless, reference to certain objects seems possible more directly than to others. - Otherwise no reference would be identifiable in a cyclic universe. - ((s) If there were only general terms, there would be no chance to find out whether we were in an "eternal recurrence".)
I 333f
Individuation/Information/Evans: Information is individuated by its origin. - Therefore: Identity statements are necessary: if A is the source of information, it could not have been anything else! - Demonstratives/Evans: are explained inter alia as follows: no one else can be source of information than this mountaineer, if it is said, "this mountaineer comes to the city today." This is precisely why we can also have false ideas about him.

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G. Evans/J. McDowell
Truth and Meaning Oxford 1977

Ev I
G. Evans
The Varieties of Reference (Clarendon Paperbacks) Oxford 1989

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