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Idiolect: An idiolect is a language spoken in a particular subgroup of a language community. In extreme cases this can be a single subject. One problem is the clarification of the word meanings and thus the possible determination of truth values (true, false) of statements.
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I 144
Kripke/Dummett: (Pierre - Example, Londres Example, Pierre believes London to be ugly but Londres to be beautiful) a translation is no hypothesis, but a constitutive principle (public language instead of idiolect). - (> VsQuine: idiolect not a priority).
III 145
Idiolect/DummettVs: Language is not a family of similar idiolects, but the speaker declares himself responsible of the common usages - without fully dominating them.
III 150
The concept of Idiolect is important to explain variations, but idiolect can be explained by language, not vice versa.

Du I
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