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Identification: A) Identification is the equivalence of two characterizations of an object in which new properties may be attributed to the object. B) Identification is the discovery that an object is a particular element from a set of objects. In this case, the number of initially assumed properties of the object may be reduced. See also specification, background, information.
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I 100
Sunburn Example / menatal state / Davidson: Sunburn is indeed identified by reference to something outside of the skin, but it is located on the skin - just as mental states are still in the head (though not the meanings), although based on reference to components some of which are identified outside - mental state: does not go beyond the person - mental state: is not the same as the physical state - 102 there may not be a physical difference between a sunburn from the high montains and a sunburn - but there is some difference, since the cause is different.
II 72
Individuation / identification / error / Davidson / Gl├╝er: errors are difficult to identify because they have a domino effect within of the network (> holism).

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