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Ideas: ideas are representations of objects, circumstances or properties of objects as opposed to their manifestations in the external world. At times the concept of the idea is connected with the claim of perfection. See also idealism, idealization, thing in itself, Platonism.

Annotation: The above characterizations of concepts are neither definitions nor exhausting presentations of problems related to them. Instead, they are intended to give a short introduction to the contributions below. – Lexicon of Arguments.

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Strawson V 190
Dynamic idea/Kant: E.g. un-caused cause - Ideal of pure reason.
V 191
Ideas of Reason/Kant: are projection of goals, wise author, final unit - prerequisite of knowledge, not knowledge.
Vaihinger I 269
Ideas/Kant/Vaihinger: are "regulative principles of pure reason" - neither inside nor outside the experience - they are "just rules" for the mind - they show it imaginary points of reference.
Vaihinger I 273
Ideas (e.g. God) are not inscrutable - because they are in the nature of reason.
Vaihinger I 275
Idea/Kant/Vaihinger: not merely deception - but expedient - proof of expediency: the deduction.
Vaihinger I 280
Causality/Idea/God/Kant/Vaihinger: I only take the idea of ​​such a (highest) being as a basis, to consider the phenomena to be systematically linked to each other according to the analogy of a causal determination.
Vaihinger I 281
Rational idea/Kant/Vaihinger: rational ideas are not hypotheses - otherwise I would pledge myself thereby already to know about the nature of a cause of the world and another world, than I could really proof. - Ideas/Kant: reason terms without object.
Vaihinger I 301
Ideas/Kant/Vaihinger: E.g. people - e.g. God - (mere ideas) - (s.o.) things in themselves - freedom
Vendler I 251
Regulative ideas/Kant: (E.g. language and thought themselves) can never lead to synthetic propositions a priori.
Adorno XIII 66
Ideas/Kant/Adorno: Ideas such as God, freedom, and immortality are not only regulative ideas to which our thinking is directed, but terms which are necessary because, without them, something like proper action cannot be conceived.

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