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Holism: Holism is the assumption that the elements or the subject domain of a theory are accessible only with simultaneous availability of all elements or objects of this domain. It is also assumed that a change to an element does not exclude changes to all other elements at least. The statement "everything is connected with everything" is however a wrong characterization of the holism, since it is logically erroneous.
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I 86
RI/Radical interpretation/Holism/Davidson: E.g. "There’s a whale" is not independent of "There is a mammal" - nowhere to draw a line where you can make a stop - therefore no distinction between simple/Assembled (complex).
I 87
Therefore the RI can not go step by step - Dummett: a class of sentences should contain the questionable word. DavdisonVsDummett: This class expands automatically to the entire language - DavidsonVsDummett: identify a corpus of sentences about situations.

Avr I
A. Avramides
Meaning and Mind Boston 1989

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