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Haecceitism: the thesis that an object can be fixed by the identification as "this here" to allow further assertions on this subject to be stated. E.g. To claim that in a different world, this object is different. See also identification, identity, logical proper names, anti-haecceitism, index words, > indexicality, individuation, dthat, rigidity, possible worlds.
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Re III 125f
Haecceitism/Read: the Haeccetist (fronm haecce = this one) believes that everything has an individual being, a lot of properties that are essential for it - Anti-Haecceitists: this position is ultra-essentialist. - Edmund could hardly be a race car. - Rather: his counterparts are simply identified by their similarity with him. - They are more like him than other things in their world. - E.g. according to the Haecceitism there may be two possible worlds in which all properties are merely permuted. - Vs: that would be a differentiation without a difference - Re.
III 130
Actualism: middle position between Quine and Haecceitism.
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