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Wittgenstein, Strawson: there is nothing but the human body, VsDescartes
I 28
Non-spatiality is not a clear criterion for a mental state, because the concept of the state is so unclear, neither spatial nor non-spatial. I 77f
Ryle: opinions, wishes and feelings (traits of reason and character) can be thought of as something that requires the human itself as a substrate, and not a non-material medium. This is more difficult with sensations, mental images and thoughts. (> Animal). I 76ff
State: this above argument makes it so easy to consider sensations, etc. not as states of things, but rather as things themselves. (RortyVs).
This allows some contemporary philosophers to afford mental things without a soul. I 80
Def neutral monism: considers the mental and the material as two "aspects" of an underlying reality. - reality accessible with intuition (Bergson) - Reality also to be identified with the material and the perception (Russell, Ayer) - The only way to escape skepticism. (Dewey, James)
I 106f
RortyVs: you cannot find a "neutral material" which is neither mental nor physical, and has its own powers and dispositions. Therefore, you simply postulate it. But that does not help.
Frank I 581
Mental/Rorty: a) Events: sensations, thoughts, etc. - b) states that are no events: opinions, moods, intentions, etc.
Rorty I 60
Idea/mind/Antiquity/Rorty: antiquity had no concept of the mental and no concept of a mind separated from the body - no concept of idea - no concept of consciousness - idea: new with Locke - only makes epistemology possible.
I 117
Mind/mental/RortyVsRyle: Ryle believed to have avoided the image of the mirror, but he failed in the attempt to prove that there are no uncorrectable reports.

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Fra I
M. Frank (Hrsg.)
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