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Brains in a vat, philosophy: thought experiment of Hilary Putnam (in Reason, truth and history, New York, Cambridge University Press, 1981) in which brains are floating in a nutrient solution while the reality is simulated through electrical impulses. It is about the question whether we can be sure not to be in such a situation. See also skepticism, reference, knowledge, causal theory of knowledge.

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Horwich I 391
Brains in a Vat/BIV/Metaphysical Realism/Putnam: brains in a vat is part of metaphysical realism, not of internal realism - then "verified" does not imply "true".
V 21f
Brains in a Vat/Reference/Putnam: the language of brains in the vat does not refer to anything in the outside world. There is no reference. They cannot even think "We are brains in a vat".
V 77 ~
Bracketing/Putnam: parenthetical thoughts have no reference conditions that would make them true - internalism: (existential questions only within a theory) as brains in a vat we cannot think here that we are in the vat, except the bracketed sense.
V 179
Brains in a Vat/PutnamVsBrains in a Vat: our worldview is coherent, because, taken as a whole, it includes an explanation of our activity of coping and developing a world theory.
I 21
Brains in a Vat/Putnam: cannot refer to Brains in a Vat - meanings are not in the head.
I 156f
Brains in a Vat/Putnam: no problem for internalism, no possible worlds - externalism: here it is possible that some brains are outside the vat - realism: asserts extrinsic connections between signs and things that help explain the nature of the reference - PutnamVs: E.g. textbooks are the main cause of my beliefs about electrons, but my use of the word "electron" does not refer to these books - VsRealism: it cannot determine the "right kind of causality".

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