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IV 52/53
Counterpart relation/C.p.r./Lewis: is not an equivalence relation: - E.g. I could have had a twin brother - e.g. no counterpart in a world - on the other hand: Unit: (personal or physical) is an equivalence relation.
IV 51
Multiple counterparts: e.g. one physical and one personal counterpart of me.
V 263
Counterpart relation: Parts of counterparts do not have to be counterparts of parts, nor vice versa - temporal segments of people: more by intrinsic similarity - people as a whole: counterparts rather by origin and role.

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D. Lewis
Die Identität von Körper und Geist Frankfurt 1989

D. Lewis
Konventionen Berlin 1975

D. Lewis
Philosophical Papers Bd I New York Oxford 1983

D. Lewis
Philosophical Papers Bd II New York Oxford 1986

LwCl I
Cl. I. Lewis
Mind and the World Order: Outline of a Theory of Knowledge (Dover Books on Western Philosophy) 1991

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