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II 71
Possible objects: A real color or a real place do not need to occur at all times. Just as little a real man must live forever. (>real >reality).
II 72
Object: not time-place, but "total object" p + t, parts no relationship to each other. Just as the parts of two cars on two sides of the street form no car. (Similar to Quine)
II 72f
The predicate "time-place" applies to many objects which consist of a place and a time, but not to all, for example, not to t+p.
II 73f
Possible objects/Goodman: real objects smaller subclass of the possible - "possible time-place" no new real object but new predicate for old real sum object p + t - The predicate "time-place" does not apply to p + t. - Similar to "biggt" and "flexible": p + t = "time-place-able".
II 74
Continuation/predicates statement: "Time-place is red": two continuations: it continues the two predicates "red" and "time-place" on p + t.

The possible objects and predicates disappear. Predicates refer to reality, but have extensions that are related in a very specific way with the extensions of certain manifest predicates and are usually further.

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N. Goodman
Weisen der Welterzeugung Frankfurt 1984

N. Goodman
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N. Goodman
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N. Goodman/K. Elgin
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