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II 30
Object/Frege: meaning of a declarative sentence.
= truth value
= value curve of a function
(A school-adequate definition of an object is impossible, because it cannot be disassembled - due to its simplicity.
Object is anything that is not a function, i.e. whose expression does not carry an empty space with it.
Truth Value: A truth value cannot be a part of a thought any more than the sun, because it is not a sense, but an object. (Truth Value/Frege: = object)
Object/Frege: Locations, times, time periods are, logically considered, objects. Consequently, the the linguistic designation of a place or date is to be interpreted as a proper name.
Def Object: Something that can never be the whole meaning of a predicate, but the meaning of a subject.
II 72
"The function f(a)" is not a function (but an object).
"The concept F" is not a concept (but an object).
I’m not saying it is wrong to say about an object what is being said here about a concept, but it is impossible, meaningless, neither false nor true.
Existence Proposition/Frege: E.g. "Julius Caesar exists" is neither true nor false, but meaningless. But:
"There is a man named Julius Caesar" has a sense. (A concept is needed).
Brandom I 584
Object/Frege: should to be the result to which the predicates refer according to the judgement.
Frege II 57
Object/Frege: E.g. Places, times, time periods - hence their linguistic designations are names.
II 74
Concept/Object/Sentence/Frege: one and the same sentence can be interpreted a) as a statement about a concept - b) about an object. - The statements are then different. - E.g. In the sentence "There is at least one root of 4 " the part: "There is at least one (concept for) the root of 4" cannot be replaced -> concept.
I 98
Object/Concept/Property/Frege: E.g. direction: Object! - "Same direction as": predicate (concept).
IV 70/71
Body/Frege: are not in need of completion. (> (s) objects are saturated).

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