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VI 32
Def Logical Object/Carnap: E.g. negation, implication, indirect evidence. (L.O. in the narrow sense).
VI 35
Quasi-Object/Carnap: characters that only have an independent meaning in conjunction with others (reference).
VI 36
Unsaturated sign: designate quasi-objects (qu.o.) - (> fiction character) - E.g. "a dog" in "Karo is a dog" - E.g. "A dog is a mammal": here, no actual object names occur at all anymore - (> actual names).
VI 54
Quasi-Object/Carnap: E.g. the "class of groups of five" designates no real object, but a quasi object - E.g. the class of the five fingers of my hand is a qu.o. - It only serves to make statements about the elements, without having to list them all the time.
VI 223
Object/Order/CarnapVsDualism: there are certainly different forms of order, but not different types of object - E.g. fixed stars, distances, ratios of distances, triangles of distances between the stars, coverage of distance triangles: these are all different forms of order, but not objects in the real sense.
VI 228
Constitution Theory: similar: it is essential for the object that it belongs to certain order contexts.

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