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Thought, philosophy: a thought corresponds to a complete sentence. There is debate about whether we can attribute such thoughts to animals. See also mentalism, mental states, opacity, thinking, reality, world/thinking, propositional attitudes, propositions, intensions, objects of thought, relation theory, mentalese, computation.

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I 3
Object of thought/Prior:
a) Ryle: "accusative of belief": the proposition
b) what we think of something, e.g. grass
c) what we think about it.
Predicate: is not "about".
I 130
Thinking/object/Prior: one can know very well what it means to think of X without knowing whether X exists - even a third party can know what it is, that Y thinks of X without knowing whether X exists - Dilemma:
a) thinking constitutes a relation between X and Y, but not if X does not exist
b) thinking is the same, regardless of whether the object exists or not (Anscombe).
One has to be abandoned, but which one?

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Pri I
A. Prior
Objects of thought Oxford 1971

Pri II
Arthur N. Prior
Papers on Time and Tense 2nd Edition Oxford 2003

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