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Pollock's gas chamber, philosophy: is a thought experiment by J.L. Pollock. A toxic green gas is introduced from time to time into a closed test setup. For protection, a sign is attached which is visible through a window in the door "Do not enter if this sign discolors to green”. If there is a lot of gas, however, the sign is no longer visible. For this reason, a monitor is attached to the outside in connection with a camera inside. This monitor is unfortunately only in black and white ... Variant) a green colored color monitor is brought by the caretaker in accordance with its black and white memory of the sign. (See W. Poundstone, “Labyrinths of Reason”, 1988). See also reliability, reliability theory, causal theory of knowledge, knowledge, justification.

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W. Poundstone on Pollock���s Gas Chamber - Dictionary of Arguments

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Pollock's gas chamber/Poundstone: one can reject belief in more than one way - 1. the light looks green (without information about the color of the gas) - 2. Usually things have the color that they have on the screen, therefore there is color TV - Vs: the second is even weaker than the first - so there is even a third reason in addition to the sign next to the door - be right for the wrong reasons - refutation: a) rejecting: simply says that a belief is false - b) undermining: that belief is invalid - e.g. if you discover that you are a brain in a vat, which is an undermining truth over all beliefs about the world - N.B.: the belief could then still be true - undermining better than rejecting truth.
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Prisoners Paradox/knowledge paradox: (unexpected execution) the set of beliefs generates its own undermining truth - so there are refutations of refutations.
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Pollock's gas chamber: undermining Vs rejecting refutation.

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Poundstone I
William Poundstone
Labyrinths of Reason, NY, 1988
German Edition:
Im Labyrinth des Denkens Hamburg 1995

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