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Functionalism, philosophy of mind: the thesis that mind states are functional states that can be described by input and output. See also identity theory, mind-body-problem, materialism, physicalism, mental states.

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Berka I 454
Definition Quotation function/Tarski: the in Tarski schema (or variants) occurring expression ""p"" (quotes twice) must be regarded as a function whose argument is a propositional variable and the values constant leading names of statements - so the quotation marks become separate words (like the word "name") with the syntactic role of functors - problem: "for any p and q - is p iff p, so is "p" identical with "p"" stands in stark contrast to the conventional use of quotes - solution: functors must be construed here intensional.
I 455 V
VsQuotation function: with variable argument: leads to Liar-paradox, even without the term "true statement" - E.g. "the statement page 13 above" - Problem: requirement for quotation marks: is the statement "p" with the statement "q" identical, so p then and only then, if q.

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Tarsk I
A. Tarski
Logic, Semantics, Metamathematics: Papers from 1923-38 Indianapolis 1983

Brk I
K. Berka/L. Kreiser
Logik Texte Berlin 1983

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