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Form, philosophy: traditionally antonym of matter or content. See also statue/clay, exterior/interior, wholes, parts, dualism, substance, substrate, change, process. - In logic it comes to the form in which statements must be expressed in order to allow conclusions. See also fine-grained/coarse-grained, completeness, theories, systems, formalism.
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II 121
Form/language/Black: the totality of rules for word usage can be understood as a specification of the grammatical form - then two words have the same shape, if they are covered by the same rules - e.g. "red" and "blue", "three" and "five "but not "red" and "three".
II 223
Meaning/Carrier/Object/Translation/Black: Problem: E.g. "yellow means jaune" has the same shape as "Mary loves Mopser"- problem what is supposed to be subject and object in the case of yellow/Jaune (> logical form).

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