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Flux: flow, process, change.
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Flux/Chisholm/Simons: Problem: People have different parts at different times - contradicts extensionality: only things with identical parts are identical.
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Modality: Problem E.g. a human could have other parts, as he has at the moment and yet could be the same human.
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Flux/mereology: winning and losing parts of objects - stock: Cartwright/Chisholm/Heller/Henry/ Thomson/Invagen: only objects with temporal parts exist - ((s) so no continuants (e.g. humans) but only events (processes)) - These may change - problem: E.g. Tibblles unequal Tib before the accident, but identical after the accident - problem: because Tib before = after the accident, it follows from the transitivity of identity Tibblles before accident = Tib before accident: contradiction - solution/Simons: superposition - never Leibnizean identity, because they differ in characteristics.

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P. Simons
Parts Oxford New York 1987

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