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Bat example, philosophy: (Literature Th Nagel, What is it like to be a bat, Philosophical Review 83 (October). 435-50 (1974).) While most people believe to be able to imagine how it would be for them to be a bat, according to Nagel this is not the point. The problem is that we cannot imagine what it is like for a bat to be a bat. See also subjectivity, objectivity, privileged access, introspection, imagination.
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Bat Example/disjunctive properties/identity theory/Putnam: Theory 1: Fl: disjunctive property P1 or P2, disjunctive property P ’1 or P "2 U (Assuming each correlation) - Theory 2: identity instead of correlation - correlation to complex property P1 or P2 or P ’1 or P "2 - N.B.: both theories lead to the same predictions of normal as of abnormal observers - stones always have the disjunctive property "sensation or no sensation".

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