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"Fido" -Fido principle, philosophy: Gilbert Ryle's expression for the mistaken assumption that words function as names and therefore must designate something. In the extreme case that the typical dog name Fido stands for "dogness". See also proper names, descriptions, universals, reference, meaning.
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"Fido" -Fido principle/Nathan Salmon: E.g. Floyd believes that a) Lois Lane does not know that Clark Kent can fly - and b) Lois does not know that Superman can fly refer to the same proposition (!) - because Floyd knows the story and for him the two modes of presentation refer to the same person - for him it’s the same way of givenness - For Floyd, there is no English word for a three-digit belief relation B (x, p) iff. (Em) BEL (x, p, m) - (m = way of g.) - Floyd therefore cannot express what he wants to say - Floyd himself must believe that Lois recognizes the identity - Salmon himself gives no representation of the way of givenness and thus the three-digit ratio - (which he himself admits).

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St. Schiffer
Remnants of Meaning Cambridge 1987

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