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Extensionality, philosophy: (also extensionality principle, extensionality thesis) an attempt to make the language distinct by taking complete sets of denoted objects as the meaning of the referring words. See also extensions, intensions, extensional language, ambiguity, propositional attitudes.
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extensional propositional logic / Stechow: cannot describe the meaning of "Modals" - e.g. the meaning of "must" is "follows from my knowledge" - [[must f]] says in epistemic meaning that [[f]] is a superset of my knowledge - the meaning function [[must]] is a relation between two sets of situations - (key point) - such meanings (sets of possible worlds) we do not have when sentences (extensionally) designate truth values. ((s) StechowVsFrege?)
A. von Stechow
I Arnim von Stechow Schritte zur Satzsemantik
www.sfs.uniï·" (26.06.2006)

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