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Extensionality, philosophy: (also extensionality principle, extensionality thesis) an attempt to make the language distinct by taking complete sets of denoted objects as the meaning of the referring words. See also extensions, intensions, extensional language, ambiguity, propositional attitudes.

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VII 89
Extensionality/Quine: ((x < y ) > ((y < x) > (x = y)) - i.e. a class is determined by its elements - (s) If x and y are subsets of each other, then they are the identical).
IX 22
Extensionality axiom/EA (= E law)/Quine: classes that are consistent in their elements are equal - "x(x e y u x e z) > y = z - Abbreviation for "x(x e y u x e z) u (y e x z e x)] - Problem:> Individuals.
IX 25
Extensionality axiom/Quine: (according to new identity definition: (y = z u y e w) > z e w.
IX 178
Extensionality/Quine: is that what distinguishes attributes from classes - two attributes can be of different order and, therefore, certainly different, and yet be applied to the things, e.g. the attribute "j(j^x jy) where "j" has the order 1, an attribute solely of y - E.g. attribute "c(c^x cy), where "c" has the order 2, again an attribute solely of y, but one of the attributes has the order 2, the other has the order 3.

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