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Extension, philosophy: an object, for example, the planet Venus as a material body, independent from the manner in which it is singled out. In contrast, intension is the way in which the object is given or is represented, e.g. Morning star or Evening star. See also intensions, identity, identity conditions, reference, meaning, assertibility conditions, propositional attitudes, opacity.
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VI 59
Extensional/Carnap: E.g. "The class of humans is contained in the class of mortals" - pseudo-intensional: "x is mortal".
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Newen/Schrenk I 28
Def Extension/Carnap: from singular terms: the object - extension of sentence/sentence extension: the truth value - extension of predicate: single-digit: set of objects with the corresponding property - two-digit: set of pairs, etc. - Def Intension/Carnap: information content of the sentence - set of possible worlds where the corresponding sentence is true - Individual Concept/Carnap: intension pf a description.
I 30
Hyper-Intensionality: Problem: necessarily true or false sentences are true or false in the same sets of possible worlds - hence indistinguishable by possible world semantics.

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