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Existential quantification, logic: formalizing the statement that in a specified domain there is at least one object with a certain property. The quantification consists of a quantifier "(∃x)" "for some x", a variable for objects "x" and one or more variables for the predicates F, G ... - The quantification does not claim the existence of the properties ascribed. See also universal quantification, quantification, quantifiers, logic, second order logic, HOL, schematic letters, predicates.
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Boy-Girl fallacy / Geach: shift of the quantifier: from "someone" to "there is a .." - "The Third Man" argument / Parmenides / Plato: there is an excellent man to whom we all owe our existence - so we all owe a certain man ... - "some girl": one might think that here there is no specific reference - GeachVs: there can be no "reference to an undefined girl" - there is no such creature - one must have a certain girl in mind, to use "a" -> "someone".

Gea I
P.T. Geach
Logic Matters Oxford 1972

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