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Existential generalization, logic: if an object that can be named, has a certain property, then there is at least one object with this property. See also universal generalization, universal instantiation.

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VII 119ff
Existential generalization/Quine: takes us from a theorem f to a theorem (Ex)y where f is like y, unless it has free occurrences of "y" in all those positions where y has free occurrences of "x" - e.g. "Fy ↔ Fy" leads to "(Ex)(Fy ↔ Fx)".
VII 145
Existential generalization/Quine: no longer justified if the singular term does not denote anything: E.g. There is no such thing as Pegasus - from this we cannot infer: (Ex)(there is no thing x)- - It would be just as wrong: (Ex)(x was named like this because of its size).
Modality/existential generalization: is not working. E.g. (Ex)(x is necessarily greater than 7) - (E.g.)(necc. if there is life on AS, then there is life on x).
VIII 24ff
Existential generalization: replaces a name bya variable - vice versa: specialization: replaces a variable by a name and eradicates a universal prefix: leads from (x)(..x..) to "... Paris ..." - if one is valid, the other is valid, too.

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