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Existence, philosophy, logic: the fact that there is something to which properties can be attributed. That does not mean that something has to be given immediately or can be perceived by the senses. See also ontology, properties, predicates, existence statements, realism, quantification, ascription.
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I 217
Existence / Berkeley principle / Breidert: "Being is being perceived or perceiving or wanting i.e. action" - the perceived is always related to a subject - no material substance, because there is no matter without reference to a subject - (theologically motivated) - I 218 God could have caused all the effects in us with no matter at all - and he creates nothing superfluous.
G. Berkeley
I Breidert Berkeley: Wahrnnehmung und Wirklichkeit, aus Speck(Hg) Grundprobleme der gr. Philosophen, Göttingen (UTB) 1997

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