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I 21
Wheel/Evolution/Pinker: wheel works only together with street - this was created by evolution because landscape did not arise through evolution - legs are better for the natural world - Problem: software is more complicated.
I 37
Evolution/Pinker: Humans do not have to have the same objectives as the evolution - (to propagate genes).
I 61
Evolution/Genes/Gould: Problem: The own body does not survive - Dawkins: but the quality of the selected bodies - ultimately only the genes themselves - Dawkins: People do not spread genes but genes are selfish - but selfish genes do not create selfish people, like a blueprint does not produce a blue house.
I 637
Evolution/Tooby/Cosmides: the selection favors characteristics that increase the average fitness - the loss of genes by death is compensated by the survivors.

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Pi I
St. Pinker
Wie das Denken im Kopf entsteht München 1998

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