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I 101
Evolution/Justification/Dennett: the advantages of sexuality cannot be taken as a justification. Evolution cannot foresee its path! Whatever it produces must pay off immediately and make up for the effort.
I 213
Problem: there must have been a first living creature, but there can t have been a first living creature.
I 591ff
E.g. freezing/Dennett: E.g. assuming you have yourself frozen in order to be unfrozen in the 25th century. Upon whom can you rely? The E.g. imitates the whole evolution.
II 36
Evolution/Dennett: There is only one family tree - it holds all creatures that have ever lived.

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Den I
D. Dennett
Darwins gefährliches Erbe Hamburg 1997

Den II
D. Dennett
Spielarten des Geistes Gütersloh 1999

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