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Ethics, philosophy: ethics is concerned with the evaluation and justification of actions and ultimately a justification of morality. See also good, values, norms, actions, deontology, deontic logic, consequentialism, morals, motives, reasons, action theory.

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IV 112
Ethics/value/Tractatus: 6.422 ethics has nothing to do with punishment and reward in the ordinary sense.
So the question of the consequences of the action must be unimportant - at least the consequences should not be events - because something must still be correct with this question - Solution: reward and punishment must lie in the action itself.
VII 27
Sense/Tractatus/Tetens: controversial thesis: that only descriptive sentences would make sense. - Ethics: Problem: normative sentences are meaningless.
VII 111
Will/good/evil/ethics/Tractatus/Wittgenstein: (absolutely) good or bad will can only change the boundaries of the world - not the facts, not what can be expressed by language - solution: also in every other possible world the absolutely good/evil would be good or evil - therefore we cannot talk sensibly about the ethical.

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L. Wittgenstein
Vorlesungen 1930-35 Frankfurt 1989

L. Wittgenstein
Das Blaue Buch - Eine Philosophische Betrachtung Frankfurt 1984

L. Wittgenstein
Tractatus Logico Philosophicus Frankfurt/M 1960

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