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Ethics, philosophy: ethics is concerned with the evaluation and justification of actions and ultimately a justification of morality. See also good, values, norms, actions, deontology, deontic logic, consequentialism, morals, motives, reasons, action theory.

Annotation: The above characterizations of concepts are neither definitions nor exhausting presentations of problems related to them. Instead, they are intended to give a short introduction to the contributions below. – Lexicon of Arguments.

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Chisholm II M.David/L. Stubenberg (Hg) Philosophische Aufsätze zu Ehren von R.M. Chisholm Graz 1986

II 277
Ethics: criterion must not presuppose the accuracy of further purposes - therefore question of the ultimate purpose.
II 279
Ultimate Purpose/Moore/Brentano: "The best you can do" (sum of good) - requires immediate evidence - we must first know how to recognize good.
II 276
Ethics/Chisholm: intuitive approach - Vs: obscure absolute values - Object of value predicates is always a fact.
II 286
Intrinsic Value: is only established if reflection of all good and bad is known in all possible worlds - KollerVsChisholm: it is wrong to look for the criteria only in the purposes.
II 295
Pareto Principle/Strong/Ethics/Koller: the condition where at least one individual is better off and none is worse off is always preferable - Vs: this is controversial and not evident.
II 297
VsAltruism: in a shortage of means mutual benevolence is limited - therefore usually no matching assessment of situations.

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Chi I
R. Chisholm
Die erste Person Frankfurt 1992

Roderick M. Chisholm
Erkenntnistheorie Graz 2004

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