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Ersatz world, philosophy: expression from David Lewis for possible worlds which consist only of sets of sentences, as opposed to worlds (different from our actual world) that are really existing. Other authors such as S. A. Kripke believe, unlike D. Lewis, that possible worlds do not really exist but are only construed for theoretical reasons. See also ersatzism, modal realism, possible worlds, metaphysics, necessity, essentialism, telescope theory.

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IV 158
Ersatz world/ Lewis: e.g. flying pigs are not part of ersatz worlds (sets of sentences).
IV 157
Truth in a world is an easy thing for me. It is simply truth with world-dependent elements that are judged in the world in question.
Then the quantifiers must simply be limited to the inhabitants of the respective world.
For example, then it is true in a certain world that some pigs fly, then and only then,
IV 158
if some of the world's inhabitants are pigs that fly. It is trivially not true that pigs fly, because none of those who inhabit our world do.
Truth/Possible Worlds/Lewis: this is what truth means in one world and I can't see how it can be a substitute world that W represents the concrete world and wrong in another! W simply represents them or does not represent them!
The real world is not a part of any ersatz world. There are even fewer different concrete worlds that inhabit ersatz worlds.

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