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Explanation: making a statement in relation to an event, a state, a change or an action that was described before by a deviating statement. The statement will often try to involve circumstances, history, logical premises, causes and causality. See also description, statements, theories, understanding, literal truth, best explanation, causality, cause, completeness.
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Explanation/Pinker: bad evolutionary explanation: E.g. Humor weakens tension - happy people find more allies - good explanation: brings technical analysis that is independent of the explanatory part - begins with objectives in a world with causes and effects - to understand seeing of humans and animals, we need to look at machines - e.g. nausea in pregnancy: defense against toxins - bad explanation: Freud: desire for oral abortion.
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Explanation/Pinker: here it is about according to which principles things function - not about what things are "good examples" for a well-known term.

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St. Pinker
Wie das Denken im Kopf entsteht M√ľnchen 1998

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