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Satisfaction, logic: a formula is satisfied when their variables are interpreted in a way that the formula as a whole is a true statement. The interpretation is a substitution of the variables of the formula by appropriate constants (e.g. names). When the interpreted formula is true, we call it a model. See also satisfiability, models, model theory.

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I 91
Satisfaction/Tarski: is the terminus for reference. - Putnam: relation between words and things, more precisely, between formulas and finite sequences of things. - Tarski; "The sequence of length one only existing of x, satisfies the formula "electron (y)" iff x is an electron". - The sequence Abraham: Isaac meets the formula "x is the father of y". - If there are more binary relations one does not speak of Reference. -> Correspondence theory -> picture theory - Putnam: Tarski's theory is not suitable for the correspondence theory because satisfaction is explained by a list. - (Instead> meaning postulates: "electron" refers to electrons, etc.) - "true" is the zero digit case of fulfillment: a formula is true if it has no free variables and if it meets the zero sequence.
I 92
Zero digit relation: E.g. Tarski: "true" is the zero digit case of satisfaction: that means, a formula is true if it has no free variables and if the zero sequence is met. - Zero sequence: converges to 0. Example 1;, 1/4, 1/9, 1/16, ...
I 92
Satisfaction/Putnam: criterion T can be extended to the criterion E: (E) an adequate definition of fulfilled-in-S must generate all instances of the following scheme as theorems: "P(x1 ... xn) is only fulfilled by the sequence y1. ..yn when P (y1 .... yn) - reformulated: "electron (x)" is then and only then fulfilled by y1 when y1 is an electron - This is determined by truth and reference (not determined by provability) and is therefore even preserved in intuitionistic interpretation. PutnamVsField: his objection fails: for the realists the Tarski schema is correct - FieldVsTarski: similar to a "definition" of chemical valence by enumeration of all elements and their valence. The causal involvement in our explanations is lacking - PutnamVsField: truth and reference are not causally explanatory terms, we still need them for formal logic, even if scientific theories are wrong.

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SocPut I
Robert D., Putnam
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