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Satisfaction, logic: a formula is satisfied when their variables are interpreted in a way that the formula as a whole is a true statement. The interpretation is a substitution of the variables of the formula by appropriate constants (e.g. names). When the interpreted formula is true, we call it a model. See also satisfiability, models, model theory.

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Definition satisfaction/Goodman:
"Satisfied" = "is denoted by"
"has as fulfillment object" = "denotes"
"fulfillment class" = extension
III 139 f
Extension/Goodman: the extension of a word is not both his pronunciations and the objects - the extension is always based on a system.
III 140
Satisfaction/Goodman: requires no special agreement; whatever is denoted by a symbol, it fulfills it. In principle, compliance is connected with an inscription. In a given system, many things can fulfill a single inscription, and the class of these things constitutes the fulfillment class of inscriptions in this system. Of course, the fulfillment class normally not fulfills the inscription itself - their elements do.
III 141
Inscription/Goodman: We call inscriptions without fulfillment object "vacant". A vacant inscription belongs as much to the system as any other and it can be just as big and black. It deficit is more semantic, not of syntactic nature. An object which does not fulfill an inscription, has no label in the system.
In Object-English, for example, no object and no set of objects fulfills only one predicate.

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