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Satisfaction, logic: a formula is satisfied when their variables are interpreted in a way that the formula as a whole is a true statement. The interpretation is a substitution of the variables of the formula by appropriate constants (e.g. names). When the interpreted formula is true, we call it a model. See also satisfiability, models, model theory.
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II 74
Satisfaction / Frege / (s): not a property of a concept, but of an object! - The object is fulfilled, the term - E.g. the concept square root of 4 is satisfied" - the first 5 words form the name of an object - something is predicated of an object.
II 75
Satisfaction / Frege: can be predicated only of certain objects - e.g. not by names such as "Caesar" - on the other hand: predicated of the name of the form - "the concept F".

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